The impacts of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 on the democratic transition in 1989 - Conference
17 October, 2016
Silver Anniversary of the V4 Cooperation
September 28, 2016
Our Institute has been in partnership with the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) in the framework of the project dealing with the challenges for the Visegrad Group on its 25th anniversary.
Old and New Terrorism - September 11 After 15 Years
September 13, 2016
The event of the Antall József Knowledge Center: ICDT has been represented by a panelist and moderator.
Webinar - Institutional Reform of Ukraine's Energy Sector
An online discussion was held via webex platform in the framework of the project titled “Institutional Reform of Ukraine's Energy Sector in the Context of Its Integration into the EU Market”
The Capacity Building of Local Communities
May 14, 2016
The ICDT under the partnership agreement with the Vinnytsia Regional Department of International Non-governmental Organization "Ukraine-Poland-Germany” contributed to the implementation of the: The Capacity Building of Local Communities: V4 experience for EaPC project.
Building evidence-based advocacy for the rule of law and good governance in the Eap Countries
The project aims to empower Georgian and Armenian CSOs and contribute to their ability to conduct effective evidence based advocacy and to develop a regional model of cooperation for advocacy in the area of rule of law and good governance.
Debut of the 'gopriplus' system in Hola Prystan
December 26-28, 2015
Concluding event and premiere of a ferry station in Hola Prystan, the first resolution among many local issues collected and visualized by the community-based 'gopriplus.org'.
Civil De-De: Budapest Study Trip
27-30 September, 2015
CSO representatives of Macedonia and Kosovo participated in a study trip, organized by ZIP Institute and ICDT
Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership - Budapest
23-27 September, 2015
Selected participants of the V4 Academy for Political Leadership participated in a study tour organized by the ICDT
Concluding visit of the ICDT in Vientiane
10 June, 2015
Field trip of the Hungarian delegation to assist the National Assembly of Lao PDR, Vientiane in June, 2015
Papers published for the "ICDT Call for Papers 2014-2015"
1 June, 2015
The ICDT, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015, is hereby publishing the top three essays submitted for the Centre’s winter 2015 Call for Papers.
Opening Week of the V4 Academy Held in Kyiv
12-15 May, 2015
Along with its partners, ICDT has successfully organized the first series of events of the Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership in Kyiv, between May 12-15, 2015.
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